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Construction BEGINS on Sapienza Solar House


The development of the solar house prototype with which the Sapienza Team will participate in the Dubai Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 is now underway at the CEFME-CTP Centre in Pomezia (Rome). Works began by laying the foundations of the XLAM wooden residence structure.

The Solar Decathlon Middle East is an international competition that will see 21 university teams from 15 countries compete to design and develop the best real-scale prototype of a green, smart and fully solar-powered house. The fully working prototypes will be exhibited and evaluated by an international jury on November 14-28, 2018 in Dubai.

Sapienza is participating in the competition with a team of 50 students (from the Faculties of Architecture, Civil and Industrial Engineering and Political Science, Sociology and Communications) coordinated by Marco Casini, Professor at the Department of Architectural Planning, Development, Design and Technology.

Project “ReStart4Smart” employs a revolutionary approach – referred to as Architecture 4.0 – to address the efficiency, comfort, security and cost requirements of 21stcentury architecture. The project, which is perfectly integrated with the climate and culture of the Middle East, moulds typological, construction and technological characteristics by focusing on design and innovative materials, renewable energy sources and last generation home automation systems. 

A delegation from the Sapienza team will be in Dubai on April 16-18 to participate in the second international workshop organised by the competition.