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Condensed Matter Physics – Fermi 2017 Chair

Thursday, March 2 – 3:00 pm
Aula Amaldi – “Guglielmo Marconi” Physics Building
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Rome

The “Enrico Fermi Lectures” 2016-2017 will be held by Roberto Car, lecturer at the Princeton University Chemistry Department and founder, together with Michele Parinello, of Molecular Dynamics.

Also known as the Car-Parinello Method, Molecular Dynamics has broad and deep implications on all studies related to condensed matter. This method allows us to describe molecular dynamics based on the fundamental principles of physics. Their approach unites the theory of functional density for the calculation of the electronic structures with a molecular dynamics method for the simulation of normal atom trajectories.

Professor Car’s first lesson, open to everyone, is entitled “Condensed Matter Physics.”

Enrico Fermi Lessons

The Enrico Fermi Chair was established in 2011 by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to promote knowledge of modern physics beyond the traditional range of the university courses and to celebrate the scientific tradition of our country.

Enrico Fermi’s genius has made long-lasting contributions modern atomic, nuclear and particles physics, as well as to solid-state physics and the study of cosmic rays, general relativity and to the calculation of massive dimensions.

Every year, for a semester, the Chair holds a cycle of “Enrico Fermi Lessons” at the Sapienza Physics Department. The lessons are open to the public at large and focus on the professor’s field of research.