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Campaign for the Right to Identity


Sapienza welcomes this proposal from Argentina and adheres, along with other universities, to the “Campaign for the Right to Identity” that aims to uncover the identity of hundreds of children, sons and daughters of the “desaparecidos” that were abducted during the dictatorship in the country.

During the last dictatorship between 1976 - 1983, in addition to the 30,000 desaparecidos, the military was also responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of children. In fact, the protocol was that when the military arrested a pregnant woman, she would be kept alive until she gave birth. The baby was then put up for adoption with false papers or given to someone in the military, while the mother was killed or thrown out of helicopters. 

Over five hundred children suffered this fate. Nearly one hundred and twenty of them were able to find out about their past and origins thanks to the relentless work of the “Abuelas” de Plaza de Mayo, but there are still many and some of them may now reside in Italy. 


The website of the University of “Roma Tre”, the first university in Rome to join the campaign, provides additional information and evidence gathered by the Argentinian authorities about people who have recovered their true identity thanks to the campaign.