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Between Bourges and Rome: Gothic Cathedrals and Diocesan Architecture

November 08, 2017 - 5:00 pm
Aula Magna, Faculty of Architecture
Piazza Borghese 9, Rome

On Wednesday, November 8, Dany Sandron, Professor of Architecture at Andrè Chastel Center, Paris IV Sorbonne University, will hold a seminar on "Gothic Cathedrals and Diocesan Architecture. Examples from France."  On the basis of examples from the north of France, between Paris, Soissons, Laon, Reims, and Bourges, the scholar will analyze the role of cathedrals within dioceses as centres of inspiration and synthesis of various local experiments, emphasising the "language" and peculiarities of each building in relation to the city context.

The meeting is the second appointment in the cycle on "Meetings with Medieval Architecture. Between Bourges and Rome" by Dany Sandron and Guglielmo Villa.