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Professor Giuseppe Rega from the Sapienza Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, has been awarded the Asme Lyapunov Award 2017, a significant recognition presented by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for his "permanent contributions to literature on non-linear dynamics."

Indeed, this is the most prestigious award in the field of non-linear dynamics, which has previously been presented to:   

  • 2005: Ali Nayfeh
  • 2007: Francis C. Moon  
  • 2009: Philip J. Holmes   
  • 2011: Earl H. Dowell
  • 2013: J. Michael T. Thompson   
  • 2015: Stuart S. Antman   

This is the first time this an award has been presented to a non-English language academic.

The award ceremony will take place in Cleveland (Ohio) on August 7, 2017.