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8 Sapienza Departments Recognised for their Excellence


The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research has selected 180 university departments that will receive €271 million over 2018-22 to promote excellence in research through investments in human capital, infrastructure and higher education.

Eight of the selected departments are from Sapienza University:

  • IT Department
  • Physics Department
  • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology Department
  • Earth Sciences Department
  • Molecular Medicine Department
  • “Antonio Ruberti” Information, Automation, and Management Engineering Department
  • Psychology Department
  • Psychology of Developmental and Socialisation Processes

Three hundred and fifty departments participated in the selection organised by ANVUR – The National Agency for the Evaluation of University and Research based on a standard performance indicator identified by the agency. One hundred and eighty were selected based on the feasibility of the presented projects, the coherence of the projects with national and international priorities, and the expected outcomes.